bits, bytes, and life

From Zero to Hero, Kinda. Thanks to Bloc

I have a degree in graphic design, but I am a web developer by trade. I didn’t wake up one day magically write Javascript/HTML/CSS; I had to teach myself. After learning and practicing that for a while I wanted to learn something more dynamic, more backend-centric. That is when I ran across Ruby on Rails. Simple to learn, yes. Hard to master, incredibly. Until I enrolled in Bloc.

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Building The Blog

When I made the goal to build a blog and write in it actively I knew there were a few details I had to research like easiest to build, quickest page load, etc. I have some experience with Wordpress, but after playing with Middleman I decided to use it.

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Welcome To The Blog

I have made a resolution to start writing more and one way to do that is to write about something I enjoy doing, development. I’ve been developing for so long that I figure there must be some person new to the scene that wouldn’t mind reading and learning more about my weekly happenings.

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